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Next generation cytometry: Chipcytometry

high multiplexing in flow cytometry

Highly multi-parametric single-cell analysis and high reproducibility even combined with long-term sample storage are no vision anymore! Zellkraftwerk introduced Chipcytometry, the combination of the unsurpassed quantitative phenotyping ability of flow cytometry with the unparalleled information depth of microscopy while maintaining full biomarker integrity on the cell surface and inside the cell.

Fully automated sample preparation for Flow Cytometry


FlowStainer™ is a unique new system for full automation of flow cytometry sample preparation including cocktail mixing, cell washing with centrifuge and complete protocol handling of liquid samples:

  • Fully automates all steps of sample preparation
    • Cocktail Mixing
    • Cell Wash
    • Stain/Lyse/Fix
    • Cap Remover
    • Walk-away-system
  • Capacity: up to 18 samples and 28 test tubes
  • Centrifuge: up to 1.600 rpm or 540 g
  • Cooling rack: up to 100 antibody pos. at +3 to +8 °C - Reagent rack: 5 two liter bottles for reagents
  • Staining: Pipette single antibody or cocktails
  • Programmable easy programming of protocols

Label-Free Time-Lapse Cytometry

studies of live cells in incubator

Current methods force scientists to study life’s fundamental building block when it is dying. PHI’s non-destructive technology brings cells to life by permitting long-term cellular behavior to be observed and quantified without toxic fluorescent stains/phototoxicity. The new compact HoloMonitor M4 is designed to tolerate the environment inside a cell incubator or hypoxia station to allow cell observations in an environment which is optimal for the cells.

Separation Media and Columns, Reagents for Oligo Synthesis and Plates for Seahorse

Tritium, Tritium Imaging, highly sensitive Tritium Imaging, LAS repair, compact Chemiluminescence Imager, Imaging Plates, Oligo Synthesis

Our partner emp BIOTECH offers a wide variety of innovative products and services for labeling, purification and modification techniques, including columns and separation media and labeling kits, such as e.g.

  • Size Exclusion Chromatography: spin columns, protein and/or DNA desalting column in diffferent sizes, FPLC columns, filtration plates and gel filtration matrix from grams to many kilograms
  • Ion Exchange Chromatography: media for very different applications
  • Zetarose Agarose resins, e.g. for Antibody purification using Protein A, Protein G or Protein L
  • IMAC resins for his-tag protein purification
  • and much more!

Furthermore temp BIOTECH offers high purity reagents, solvents and labeling molecules for automated oligonucleotide synthesis at very fair prices:

  • Solvents and Molecular Sieves
  • Activators, Capping Solutions, Deblocking Solutions, Cleavage Solutions, Oxidizer Solutions
  • Purification of the Oligonucleotides
  • and much more!

NEW: In addition we can offer you the following types of Agilent Seahorse Microplates:

  • Assay and storage plates
  • Filter plates
  • Reagent reservoirs
  • Kits and accessories

Quality control for Pharma and PET centres

Pharma and PET centres. Elysia-raytest: Ramona und Gaia

Elysia-raytest is a leading provider of LIMS, chromatography and quality control systems to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and nuclear/PET industries.
No matter if you need just a simple Radio-TLC scanner, a simple or sophisticated Radio-HPLC sytem or a GC for quality control, Elysia-raytest offers best-in-class solutions at fair prices.
An additional focus is on radio synthesis, mainly for radio metals like Ga-68 or Lu-177, but also for other nuclides.

Imagers for Fluorescence, Chemiluminescence, TLC, Radionuclides

Any problem with your BAS, FLA or LAS instrument? We can fix most of them at very fair prices! Sometimes we also have some second hand instruments available.

Are you looking for a very compact and very easy to use imager for Chemiluminescence at great price? Or are you searching TLC equipment?

Do you need highest sensitivity for imaging of Tritium labelled samples? A new technology gives you the best sensitivity and ease of use ever!

In addition to our product portfolio we recommend

Cell Analysis: Precise Counting, High Content Cytometry and 3D Cell Analysis

Cellometers of Nexcelom

For precise cell counting also for difficult samples, primary samples, „clumpy“ cells, etc.: the Cellometers of Nexcelom.

Celigo S from Nexcelom

As a very powerful and versatile Image Cytometer for adherent and suspension cells: the Image Cytometer Celigo S from Nexcelom.

CQ1 from Yokogawa

For fast high content analysis with real 3D imaging capabilities: the confocal high content cytometer CQ1 from Yokogawa.


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